I was raised in the Baptist church in a Chicago suburb. Almost every one in my family, who went to church, went to the
Baptist Church.

I was raised with the so-called “fear of God”, and boy did I have it. I was afraid of everything. I can’t even tell you all the
things that I feared in my life.  I always knew I was afraid of God, but I thought I was supposed to be, until the sonship
message began to really penetrate my very being. I came into the knowledge that I couldn't even be thought of as a Son of
God until I had an intimate relationship with the Father. The one I had with Him just wasn't what it was supposed to be.

I began to think of God’s mercy and kindness to me, and I guess the Spirit made it evident that the Father wasn't happy with
our relationship. So I began to press into the Spirit more and more, thinking of how He loves me so, that He sent His only
begotten Son to die for me.

Me, who was so fearful, I would lie in bed at night and tell God “I’m scared, I’m so scared. When I think about it now, I’m close
to tears, to think what I was l lacking then. But I cannot cry because there is too much to be done, too much to share
because the battle is over and I must bring other sons into the wonderful experience of our Father’s love.

As I pressed into the spirit, God met me right where I was, just as He promised all of us He would do. I began to feel His
spirit, I could feel arms circle around my shoulders when I cried out for comfort, and I experienced His love for me burn within
my body in such a way, it is hard to describe with mere words.

He let me know I was not alone and could never be alone, because He is with me, no matter what I feel or believe.

Psalms 23 says it so well, “His rod and staff comfort us and surely goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our
lives, and we will dwell in the house of the Lord forever."

Surely you must be saying to yourselves, “Why didn't anyone ever tell you that before?”  Well they did, I just couldn't come
into it at that time. Fear breeds unbelief. Sometimes the Father has to make an appearance in your life in order to receive
revelation and enlightenment.

In the Sonship message we learn who we really are in Christ. He called us all from the beginning of time for such a time as
this. Only God can bring us to the place of knowing that we are not sinners saved by grace, but grace givers to the world.
And only the Father loves us so much, that we have been chosen to be righteous. In the eyes of skeptics, in the eyes of
“wannabes”, who can’t be because they can’t let go of religion in their lives. In the eyes of those who think they know it all,
because they cannot see the truth.

He is using His called people; He is using the simple to confound the wise. Praise God for the privilege to be able to share
that Christ in us, over us, and around us, is the hope of glory. We who have come from the corners of the world, who were
told by people that we would never be any good, would never amount to anything. We have become Priests and Kings
according to the order of Melchizidec, who was unknown, yet God brought him to bless the tithes of Abraham.

What a blessing and a purpose. I sometimes get stuck into thinking that I really don’t know what I want to do with my life at 57
years of age. But the spirit brings me back into the knowledge that I do have a career, a goal, a vision, and a purpose, and
that is to do the will of God. When we can come to that realization, He called us to testify to everyone our identity in Him.

Sometimes people can really get mixed up in this life, when they don’t know who they are. Ministry is good, but I think the
best thing we can minister is our identity in the Father.

When I was young, if a person looked like their mother, or especially their dad, people would say “Boy your daddy spit you
out." I have a cousin and I used to tease her because her daughter looked so much like her, I used to say, "You had her by
yourself didn't you? Her dad didn't have anything to do with that because she didn't look anything like him.” It’s the same
with God, as far as our spiritual identity is concerned. No one else had anything to do with us being here.

Our Father spit us out of His mouth and made us so much like Him, that only by having an experience with Him do we
recognized who we are. We realize that somewhere way back, before there was anything, we were with our Father and He
loved us then, just as He does today.

Through His everlasting love he drew us.
Through His everlasting love he is keeping us.
Through His everlasting love he is changing us into the manifested sons of God.

I pray that I have reached someone, that I have ministered and helped someone experience the love of the Father.

Willa C.  2-18-07
New Life Ministries
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