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       The Rapture Question

For a long time I have looked for a well written, scriptural treatment of  the most sacred
cow of Protestantism, the Rapture doctrine. For some Rapture belief is as important as
salvation, others include Rapture belief in their tenets of faith making it mandatory for
church membership. For me there are some problems: it relies on mistranslated
scripture; it contradicts scripture; and it is a relatively new doctrine, not accepted by the
early church.

I found this Rapture teaching on Elwin Roach's Site, titled "The Rapture Question".  It is
scriptural; it corrects the Improper Greek translation as needed; it is historically
accurate; and it shows where Rapture doctrine contradicts with scripture. To Brother
Roach I say  thank you for a job well done in exposing that false doctrine.

Here is the link for this excellent teaching:

Bill Kerr