The Parousia of the Lord

PAROUSIA.(3952) Presence

APOKALUPSIS.(602) unveiling

EPIPHANEIA.(2015) manifestation or brightness

PHANEROO.(5319) to make manifest, not necessarily a visible presence, but a perception.

ERCHOMAI.(2064) the actual act of coming

HEKO.(2240) This word stresses the point of arrival at a certain place

It is obvious that the Lord can be present without manifesting the fact; and the present One can
manifest the full glory and majesty of His presence with a brightness above the noon-day sun.  On
the mount of Transfiguration, He suddenly shone before His disciples till the midnight became as
the midday sun On the road to Damascus, He was so close to Paul and unseen, then shining out till
the glory of the shining blinded him and made him fall from his horse prostrate in the dust of the
highway. At Patmos He appeared unto John and so blazed forth in the manifestation of His
presence that the disciple fell at His feet as one dead with the weight of the glory. He can be
present and yet unmanifested; at the foot of the golden ladder Jacob slept with a stone for a pillow
and awakening, cried out in holy awe, "Surely the Lord
is in this place, and I knew it not!" (Gen. 28:
16). The manifested and unmanifested presence of the Lord. The Lord present and no one aware of
it; then suddenly revealed and every eye beholding Him. This is the teaching of the two words,

and parousia. As these two words are both applied to the coming of the Lord; as this
great event is spoken of both as HIS
epiphaneia and HIS parousia, and the difference between
manifested and unmanifested is absolute; as they are two things as well as one, two things as to
MANNER and capable of being applied to the same thing as a fact; as both
are applied to the fact
of His coming, then the coming of Christ has in these two words two distinct aspects; the aspect in
which He is manifested; another aspect in which He is unmanifested.

In the throes of trouble and testing, the heavens have seemed as brass and God appeared to be a
million miles away, when suddenly, the Lord shone forth out of our darkness to show His mighty
hand of deliverance on our behalf.  He was there all the time, as present as present can be, but in
one instant He manifested His presence and our sorrow turned to joy, our despair to victory, praise
His name! How often it has happened to us, as it did to Jacob, when he awakened out of his sleep,
and he said, "Surely the Lord is in this place; and I knew it not." He was lonely, He was troubled, He
was fearful, He was fleeing from his brother Esau, things were just not going in his favor at all.
Exhausted, he took a stone for a pillow and laid down to sleep. And then he had his dream with the
visitation of God. Then suddenly he realized that God was in this place, and he had not been aware
of it, shadows of loneliness, shadows of weariness, shadows of emptiness, shadows of despair,
shadows and more shadows had obscured any sense of the presence of God being with him.
God was in that place
, and had been with him all the time. And God is in your place wherever and
however it is. He may only be present (parousia) or His presence may be manifested (epiphaneia),
yet God is there accomplishing some precious things, whether you are aware of it or not. Through
overlooking these important distinctions we have missed much heavenly wealth and glory that lies
concealed within the six Greek words and which unfold the various facets of our Lord's coming. Our
vision was greatly enlarged when we discovered by revelation of the Holy Spirit this multi-faceted
splendor of His coming!

When we are asked, "Do you believe in the coming of the Lord?" we may reply, "Do you mean His
PAROUSIA, or do you mean His APOKALUPSIS, or do you mean His EPIPHANEIA, or do you mean
His PHANAROO, or do you mean His ERCHOMAI, or do you mean His HEKO?" We believe in
His comings, and it all the facets of His comings!

We no longer see a first and second coming; instead we see a many-splendored, progressive
REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST. The scripture shows clearly and unmistakably that our Lord
has already had many comings, many appearrings, and shall continue to have many more.  He
came; He continued to come; He comes; He continues to come; He will come; He will continue to
come, praise His wonderful name!

The Greek word PAROUSIA is translated as "coming" in most bible translations; the word actually
means "along side" or "presence." There are many scriptures in  the bible that talk about the coming
of the Lord but correctly translated, speak of His coming in us, His appearing through us, and the
glory of the fullness of the presence of the Lord in the midst of the church, the presence of the Lord
in the earth.

Two thousand years ago the "coming" of the Son of God to this world took place in a split-second of
time when He was conceived in the womb of the virgin Mary; but it was followed by His presence in
this world for almost thirty-four years; many events took place during that time of His presence.

The whole church world proclaims that the "second coming of Christ" is the hope of the church and
the world. It is not His coming that is the hope of the church,
it is His presence which is the hope of
the church and the hope of the world
. Parousia means continuous life in the presence of God, not
simply a flashing of Jesus across the skies. From the hour of the first dawn of creation's light to this
present moment no soul of man has ever been brought into relationship with God or transformed
into His image apart from the effectual manifestation of the presence of God.

The Lord Jesus Christ conquers our self will and casts down the flesh from its place of rule in our
hearts, He replaces Adam's "likeness" with His own image. This will be complete when the power of
His presence has completed its wonderful work upon our lives. Praise God, the day shall surely
come at the close of the wonderful times of the restitution of all things when there will be nothing in
earth's realm, as well as in heaven's, which does not bear His glorious "likeness" for all creation will
be restored into harmony and oneness in Him again! In the words of the old hymn, "What a
wonderful change in my life been wrought since Jesus came into my heart!"

The parousia is the enveloping presence of Christ and to stand before the Son of man is to awake
to the wonder and glory and majesty and power of His presence. It is the fullness of all that one can
conceive of as being the reality of His promise, "For where two or three are gathered together in My
name, There I an in the midst of them," and again, "And, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end
of the age" (Mat. 18:20; 28:20).

The parousia is the glory of his presence and the presence of his glory. His presence is not always
best known in the realm of soulish worship, with its clapping, dancing and shouting, nor in the
manifestations of religious fervor. Praise God for the reality of rejoicing in Him, but many have
discovered that they thought God was only in the Cathedral, so He called them out from there. We
thought God was in the great revivals with signs and wonders and miracles, so He separated us
from this. We thought the presence of God could be conjured up by much singing, clapping, and
shouting, so He sent fiery trials, strippings, and separation even from this. Finally, isolated and all
alone, then He says, "Lift up now thine eyes and look from the place where thou art..." (Gen. 13:14).
I am with you in this place, perhaps obscured by the shadows, but I am there, working within to
conform you to My image, and bring you forth in My likeness. Though we share an existence
apparently filled with nothing but the mundane happenings of the routine, yet God is present and
accomplishing great and mighty things within. God reveals Himself to the humble in the lowliest of
disguises, but the proud who never look beneath the surface, fail to find Him even in the greatest of
His manifestations.

Parousia is used three times in the second epistle of Peter (1:16; 3:4; 3:12). In the first instance it
refers to the Divine Presence which burst forth from within Jesus at His transfiguration. In this
passage Peter describes the glorious manifestation of God on the mount of Transfiguration as the
"coming," the "parousia," the "presence" of Christ. Now Christ had already come in the flesh; the
four men had already walked together up the mountain; but here was a "coming" of the Lord not
previously known. And so he says, "For we have not followed cunningly devised fables, when we
made known unto you the
power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were eyewitnesses of
His majesty. For He received from God the Father honour and glory, when there came such a voice
to Him from the excellent glory, This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. And this voice
which came from heaven we heard, when we were with him on the holy Mount" (II Pet. 1:16-18).
"The power and presence of our Lord Jesus Christ" refers not to His arrival on the holy Mount, but
to the manifestation of His state of being during that period of time in which the disciples were
"eyewitnesses of His majesty." Notice how the apostle associates the power and the presence of
Christ with the glory of God that appeared in the hour of Christ's transfiguration. In fact, the Lord
Himself explains that this manifestation of the glory was in reality, the very Kingdom of God. In each
of the three accounts where the scene is recorded the story is preceded with the remark: "But I tell
you of a truth, there be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the kingdom
of God" (Lk. 9:27). Matthew describes it as "the Son of man coming in His Kingdom" (Mat. 16:28).
Mark refers to it as "the Kingdom of God come with power" (Mk. 9:1). Peter combines the two
statements in the words, "The power and coming of the Lord Jesus Christ." The effulgence of the
power and glory of God's presence erupted from the inner life of the Christ of God and Peter uses
the word parousia to describe this blessed experience. As the majesty and dominion of His
presence grows, increases, develops, and is released from the inner sanctuary of your regenerated
spirit, emanating, overflowing, enveloping, manifesting His glory, you, and all about you, will know
and behold the transcendent wonder of His parousia.

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