Tithing  My Testimony

About ten years ago I was sitting in a pew in a mainline denominational church doing my best to not
fall asleep during a dull boring sermon that I had heard the previous year.  I had already been
admonished by the very spiritual deacon board that my role in the church was to sit down, shut up,
pay my tithes, and leave all ministry to the professionals; above all I was to pretend that God did not
speak to me since He only speaks to reverends and deacon board members (and their wives).
Fortunately God was not bound by their decree.

About the time I started to zonk out, the Lord issued a challenge to me, "Show Me just one place in
the New Testament where I require my church to tithe."  I brought up where in the gospels he
commended the Pharisees for tithing their herbs and spices. He pointed out that they were Jews
under the old covenant and not Christians. I pointed to where Paul commended the gentile churches
for collecting monies for their Jerusalem brothers during a time of famine. Again he pointed out that
this was not a tithe but a voluntary collection for a specific purpose. In desperation I brought up
Paul's statement that he was justified in asking for financial support while he was working as a
missionary. Again the Lord pointed out that it was voluntary.  He reminded me that if we keep just
one part of the Law, we are obligated to keep it all. We are saved by grace and not by the Law.

I was accused of robbing God; I was told that I was cursed if I didn't tithe; I was told to prove God by
tithing; and I was to rebuke the destroyer by tithing. All these are lies of the great whore. I am saved
and set free from the curse of the Law by the shed blood of my Lord and Savior Jesus. I am
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